Our range of products for Steel Mills covers main products applicable in manufacturing of low alloy, mild and high alloy steels

● Ferro Alloys            ● Bulk Minerals            ● Minor Metals            ● Base Metals            ● Nitrogen Products       ● Noble & Master Alloys

●  Ferro alloys     :   Ferro silicon ,  Ferro chrome high carbon,  Ferro chrome low carbon,  Ferro vanadium ,  Ferro molybdenum                                           Ferro boron,  Ferro titanium,  Ferro manganese high carbon,  Ferro manganese medium carbon
●  Metals                 :  Nickel,  Tin,  Zinc

Range of products available for Foundry industries cover most of commonly consumed raw materials in manufacturing of Carbon Steel, Stainless Steel, Nickel and Aluminum based products.

● Charge Materials            ● Carbon Products            ● Ferro Alloys            ● Base Metals            ● Nitrogen Products            ● Inoculants

●  Ferro alloys     :  Ferro silicon, Ferro chrome high carbon, Ferro chrome low carbon, Ferro vanadium,Ferro molybdenum,
                                         Ferro boron, Ferro titanium, Ferro manganese high carbon, Ferro manganese medium carbon
●  Metals                 : Nickel, Tin, Cobalt, Manganese metal, Silicon metal
●  Minerals             : Chromite sand, Zircon sand, Olivin sand.

Our portfolio for Welding Consumables Manufacturing covers raw materials widely consumed in manufacturing of coated arc welding electrodes, sub merged arc welding fluxes and flux cored welding wires.

● Ferro Alloy Powders            ● Metal Powders            ● Mineral & Chemical Powders            ● Mild Steel and High Alloy Wire Rods

Our primary business is ferroalloy trading, an essential activity in modern times. From cell phones to airplanes building
structures to coins, ferroalloys are the ingredients for various indispensable items for your everyday life. We are the
most professional ferroalloy, base metal trader, also​ operating in other mineral sectors, and through investments in
warehousing and logistics we assure efficiency, growth and sustainability in our operations.