Our vision

In the iron, steel, welding sector, we offer the best materials and service to our customers by continuous improvement; as well as being a global metallurgical raw material company that creates a business environment that is appreciated by its customers, employees and other business partners.

Our Values

●  To focus on our customer satisfaction by providing global quality service.
●  To make an effort to reach perfection in our every business.
●  To be trustworthy in our every business.
●  To be true and honest as a principal.
●  To create a good corporate citizen identity who shares the success.
●  To be in compliance with legal and environmental conditions in its area.

Our aim

The main aim of CHEMPA is adding value to its customers and shareholders by conforming quality, service and principle of supervenience as an exemplary. Hereunder, our company commits to provide customer continuity satisfaction and to aim self-continuous improvement.

We like companies create and improve industry products and services through long lasting relationships.